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For Distributors

There are problems...

Physical delivery of digital copies has some negative aspects for any (every) distributor:

  • High price, especially when delivering to remote regions of the country
  • Time-consuming, requires precise planning of courier services operation under tight deadlines
  • Technical support to cinema theaters is limited by phone and is difficult in case of any problems with downloading information from disk
  • Physical delivery by courier services does not guarantee security and exact timing of delivery
  • Problems with return of hard disks from cinema theaters. Disks or components of the kit can be lost or broken. Compensation for such damage is quite costly
  • Shipping and return of digital copies to the former Soviet Union countries is difficult and expensive because of issues related to customs clearance

...our solutions!

Key objective of the CineLab Data Delivery is the maximum reduction of risks associated with use of physical media for data delivery. Using this system for delivery of digital copies, each distributor gets following benefits:

  • Ideal channel for distribution of content via satellite, covering the entire territory of Russia and CIS countries (multicast transmission technology, guaranteed delivery within 72 hours)
  • Maximum safe method of delivery (DCP encryption, transfer of content via VPN, log for registration of all transfers, 24 hour monitoring of the receiving equipment operation, compliance with DCI standards)
  • Data storage of receiving server (4TB capacity) can hold up to 30 digital films acting as a "digital library" of cinema theater
  • Reliability (automatic check of integrity of received data, fault-tolerance server, 24 / 7 support)
  • Equipment from the world leading manufacturers (5-year warranty)
  • Cost-effective in comparison with traditional methods of copying and delivery
  • Rapid response to calls for maintenance teams in case of hardware failure (own installation and service teams are located in different regions of Russia)
  • Ability to use systems for delivery of alternative media content in real-time (sports events, concerts, press conferences, broadcast reports from the red carpet)