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For cinema theaters

There are problems...

Key objective of the CineLab Data Delivery is the maximum reduction of risks associated with use of physical media for data delivery. For cinema theaters this means the following issues:

  • delay in delivery of hard disk with a premiere copy
  • physical damage to disk during delivery
  • problems with downloading of material to video server
  • problem with activation key
  • need to return or forward hard disk!

...our solutions!

To participants of our project we offer:

  • All necessary equipment is provided and installed for free
  • 24-hour monitoring of receiving equipment operability
  • High reliability of the system (automatic verification of received data integrity, fault-tolerance server, 24 / 7 support)
  • Ability to use systems for delivery of alternative content in real-time: sports events, concerts, press conferences
  • Ability to use the system as a library for storing movies (from 20-30 movies)
  • Three times less time for downloading of content to video server

Thus, by participating in our project, you will increase reliability of your cinema theater operation without additional financial investments

How to connect to the system?

System will be installed in four stages:

1)  In the first stage you have to agree and sign the Contract for Placement of Equipment, agree location for placement of satellite dish on the roof or other structural elements of the building, and we will send a satellite dish to your address
2)  Second stage – our contractor will come to you, install a satellite dish and lay cable to the place of server installation
3)  Our logistics service will send to your address a receiving server
4)  Our specialists will come, connect and configure all the necessary equipment within one-two days
If you are interested, please fill out the form and send it to us. We will contact you to discuss details of installation of the equipment and inclusion of your cinema theater into installation schedule.